Boyfriend #1 #1
Boyfriend #2 #2
Boyfriend #3 #3
Boyfriend #4 #4

Love's Enigma: The Valentine's Day Conundrum

Decipher which boyfriend, tie color, girlfriend, and flowers align in this Valentine's Day Zebra Puzzle.

In 'Love's Enigma: The Valentine's Day Conundrum,' you are presented with a charming Zebra Puzzle set in the romantic ambiance of a cozy restaurant on Valentine's Day. Four boyfriends anxiously await their girlfriends' arrival, each clad in a uniquely colored tie, clutching a distinct bouquet, and linked to a different name and girlfriend. Your task is to unravel this web of love and specifics – determine who is paired with whom, what color tie they've chosen for the occasion, and the type of flowers they hope will express their affection. This puzzle challenges your deductive logic, inviting you to partake in the sweet celebration of love and attention to detail.

Boy #1 #1
Boy #2 #2
Boy #3 #3
Boy #4 #4

Halloween Mischief Match-Up

Match four boys with their unique costumes, candy bags, and favorite treats at a spooky soiree.

In 'Halloween Mischief Match-Up', a Zebra Puzzle, players are invited to a charming Halloween party where four young boys stand side by side, each clad in distinctive attire. This puzzle challenges you to unravel clues to correctly associate each boy with his name, vibrantly colored candy bag, distinct Halloween costume, and preferred sugary delight. Engage in this festive brainteaser to bring order to the Halloween havoc and discover who's hiding behind the masks!

Son #1 #1
Son #2 #2
Son #3 #3
Son #4 #4
Son #5 #5

Mother's Day Queue Conundrum

Five men, five gifts, five moms – who's buying what?

In the Mother's Day Queue Conundrum, five sons are side by side in a queue, each poised to buy a unique gift for Mother's Day. This Zebra Puzzle challenges you to match each son's shirt color, name, chosen gift, mother's name, and alma mater. With only their position in line and a handful of hints, can you determine who's getting what for which mom? Put your logic to the test and unravel the queue's mystery!

Woman #1 #1
Woman #2 #2
Woman #3 #3
Woman #4 #4
Woman #5 #5

Island Picnic Enigma

Discover clues to unveil the picnic plans of five friends vacationing on a tropical island.

The 'Island Picnic Enigma' challenges you to untangle the puzzle of five women, each distinct in their choice of shirt color, name, beach destination for a picnic, food item, cocktail mix, and age. They are enjoying their 7-day tropical getaway by organizing individual picnics at various picturesque beaches. This Zebra Puzzle invites solvers to use the provided clues to determine who is planning which picnic, epitomizing a test of logic and deduction.

Customer #1 #1
Customer #2 #2
Customer #3 #3
Customer #4 #4
Customer #5 #5

Laundromat Logic

Five customers unravel a tangled logic puzzle while waiting for their laundry.

In 'Laundromat Logic', a Zebra Puzzle set at the hum of washing machines, you're invited to sort out the suds of mystery that swirl around five customers. Each is distinct in her attributes: carrying a uniquely colored laundry bag, owning a different name, washing a specific laundry item, using a particular detergent brand, waiting for a varied amount of time, and indulging in a mobile game to pass the minutes. As they watch the spin cycles, you're tasked with matching the specifics to each woman and ensure that, by the end, everyone leaves with clean clothes and a clear understanding of who's who in this soapy conundrum. Simplified English and logical steps are used throughout, making this an entertaining and accessible challenge for amateur detectives and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

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About Zebra Puzzles

A Zebra Puzzle is a type of logic puzzle that presents the solver with a set of clues and tasks them with making deductions to arrive at a solution. The puzzle often involves multiple categories of items, and the objective is to determine the correct arrangement or association between them. It is commonly solved using a table or grid to track the logical steps. The Zebra Puzzle is sometimes referred to as "Einstein's Riddle".