Investor #1 #1
Investor #2 #2
Investor #3 #3
Investor #4 #4

Investment Riddles

Discover the choices of four investors discussing their recent financial ventures.

In the 'Investment Riddles' Zebra Puzzle, four investors are lined up, each pondering over their latest financial undertaking from the past month. These businessmen vary not only in their attire, each sporting a uniquely colored tie, but also in their names, the amount of capital they've injected into their projects, and their chosen sectors of the business world, ranging from the ever-evolving field of clean technology to the volatile realms of cryptocurrency. The challenge presented by this puzzle lies in dissecting the clues to unravel which investor corresponds to which name, tie color, investment amount, and business interest. This engaging brain-teaser will require logical reasoning and deduction to align each investor with their respective details.

Player #1 #1
Player #2 #2
Player #3 #3
Player #4 #4

Pitchside Prelude

Four teammates gear up for soccer practice, each with their unique style and idol.

In 'Pitchside Prelude', a Zebra Puzzle that challenges your wit and attention to detail, you'll meet four young soccer enthusiasts. Each boy, standing side by side, is distinguished not only by their vibrant soccer cleats but also by their role on the team, their preferred soccer legend, and their own name. Your task is to match the cleat color, name, position, and favorite player for each of these teammates as they prepare for an exciting training session on the pitch. Unravel the clues to discover who admires whom and who wears which colored cleats before the whistle blows for practice to begin.

Woman #1 #1
Woman #2 #2
Woman #3 #3
Woman #4 #4
Woman #5 #5

Globe-Trotting Ladies

Five women are meticulously planning unique getaways at a travel agency.

In the 'Globe-Trotting Ladies' Zebra Puzzle, players must deduce the travel plans of five women, each with distinct preferences and details. These women, aligned side by side in a travel agency, differ in their choice of shirt color, personal name, vacation destination, trip duration, and age. With a keen eye for detail and logical reasoning, puzzle solvers will unravel who is wearing what, traveling where, for how long, and at what age. This paradigm of puzzles challenges and entertains with its complex web of travel trivia.

Employee #1 #1
Employee #2 #2
Employee #3 #3
Employee #4 #4
Employee #5 #5

Mugs and Pups: The Office Enigma

Match the mugs, names, joining years, desk items, ages, and dogs of five unique office employees.

In this engrossing Zebra Puzzle, enter the world of an office with five distinct employees seated side by side. Each individual boasts a uniquely colored mug - black, orange, pink, purple, or yellow. They all have different names: Daniel, George, John, Quent, and Yves. Their joining years at the company vary, ranging from 2010 to 2016. Every desk is adorned with a different decorative item, be it a brass letter, a jar, a lamp, a Newton's cradle, or a picture frame. These employees are not just defined by their work but also by their ages, spanning from 25 to 60 years, and the breeds of their loyal canine friends, including a Beagle, Boxer, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, and Scottish Terrier. Your challenge is to crack the code of who owns which mug, brought their dog of a particular breed, sits at what age, has what item on their desk, and started in which year. Keep it logical, align the clues, and solve this office-themed Zebra Puzzle to reveal the details of these colleagues' lives.

Boss #1 #1
Boss #2 #2
Boss #3 #3
Boss #4 #4
Boss #5 #5

Executive Conundrum

Five bosses in a vital meeting must be sorted by tie color, department, salary, vacation month, and age.

In the 'Executive Conundrum' Zebra Puzzle, participants are challenged to untangle the information about five bosses attending a critical meeting. As they sit side by side, each boss distinguishes himself by his unique tie color, name, department, salary, vacation month, and age. Solvers will have to use their deductive reasoning to match each boss with his correct set of attributes, piecing together clues that interlock these details in a complex grid of logic. This mind-bending puzzle is not only a test of problem-solving skills but also an engaging activity for those who relish in intellectual challenges.

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About Zebra Puzzles

A Zebra Puzzle is a type of logic puzzle that presents the solver with a set of clues and tasks them with making deductions to arrive at a solution. The puzzle often involves multiple categories of items, and the objective is to determine the correct arrangement or association between them. It is commonly solved using a table or grid to track the logical steps. The Zebra Puzzle is sometimes referred to as "Einstein's Riddle".