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Airport Lounge Logic

Solve the puzzle of four businessmen ready for takeoff, each with distinctive travel details.

Welcome to 'Airport Lounge Logic', a Zebra Puzzle where you must determine the tie color, name, destination city, and departure time of four businessmen seated side by side in an American airport coffee shop. Each businessman sports a unique tie color, carries a different name, is bound for a diverse destination, and has a distinct departure time. Use your logic to align all the given clues and unveil the specific travel plans of each individual before their flights embark. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts looking to test their deductive reasoning!

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Global Beats Showdown

Unravel the mystery of the world-class DJs' line-up at an international electronic music festival.

Welcome to the 'Global Beats Showdown', a Zebra Puzzle that will test your skills in deductive reasoning and logic. Dive into the vibrant setting of an international electronic music festival, where four renowned DJs from different corners of the globe are gearing up to deliver electrifying performances. Each DJ, distinguished by their colorful attire, unique nationality, preferred electronic music genre, and the special festival stage they will command, presents a puzzle for you to solve. Can you figure out which DJ is wearing which color shirt, hails from which country, specializes in what electronic music genre, and is set to take over which stage? Prepare to piece together clues, spot patterns, and apply your wit as you sort out this intricate Zebra Puzzle and prove you're in tune with the world's top electronic music talent.

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Tourist #5 #5

World Cup Wanderers

Unravel the identities of five World Cup tourists in a colorful logic puzzle.

Engage in the ultimate 'World Cup Wanderers' Zebra Puzzle packed with fun and challenge. In this enigmatic logic game, you'll discover five soccer enthusiasts who've journeyed to the host country for the much-anticipated World Cup matches. Side by side they stand, each tourist unique—from the hat on their head down to the US state they call home. You must deduce who's who by examining their different colored hats, distinctive names, cherished soccer players, travel companions, and home states. Elevate your cognitive skills while immersing yourself in a world of sports, companionship, and puzzle-solving excitement. Are you ready to match each tourist to their preferences and origins?

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Businessman #2 #2
Businessman #3 #3
Businessman #4 #4
Businessman #5 #5

Corporate Ascent

Five businessmen ascend to success, each with their unique career clues to unravel.

In 'Corporate Ascent,' you are faced with a classic Zebra Puzzle that tasks you with deciphering a tangled web of professional endeavours. The scenario unfolds with five businessmen side by side in an elevator, each departing from the parking lot to venture to their distinct office floors. As they ascend, clues about their individuality emerge: their names, the different colors of their ties, the varying salaries they earn, the disparate parking spots where they've left their cars, and the distinct mobile phone brands they carry. Your challenge is to untangle these details, finding out who wears which color tie, what their names are, where they park, which floor they work on, what their salaries are, and which phone brand they prefer. This Zebra Puzzle promises to elevate your deductive reasoning skills to new heights as you align career ladders and personal choices in this vertical journey through corporate echelons.

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Woman #2 #2
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Italian Exhibition Enigma

Five art enthusiasts discuss their Italian exhibition adventure and favorite painters.

In a colorful array of conversations, five women find themselves side by side, each engrossed in tales of the Italian exhibition they recently attended. As a Zebra Puzzle, this challenge invites you to unravel the intricacies of their discussions. Each woman boasts a unique combination: a distinctively hued shirt, a personal name and surname, an adored Italian painter who captures her imagination, the exact time of her arrival at the gathering, and her individual age. The vibrant tapestry of their dialogue is a puzzle waiting to be solved, requiring logic and keen insight to deduce who wore what, admires which artist, and much more.

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About Zebra Puzzles

A Zebra Puzzle is a type of logic puzzle that presents the solver with a set of clues and tasks them with making deductions to arrive at a solution. The puzzle often involves multiple categories of items, and the objective is to determine the correct arrangement or association between them. It is commonly solved using a table or grid to track the logical steps. The Zebra Puzzle is sometimes referred to as "Einstein's Riddle".